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    Apparently it is just the media! I have read some of the comments that a lot of the public has written. Blacks, especially! First, why is the media so quick to condemn Tiger for this, a medical issue, but not Michael Phelps for his obvious drug use? I am so tired of the RACIST BULLSHIT!!!!
    Everyone jumped on the wagon, assuming that Tiger Woods was drunk…..even good friend Notah Begay. Thank God, we are not all ASSHOLES!
    Shame on anyone who assumes things that are not fact.
    Everyone who has talked about Tiger Woods going down slow, destroying his “Brand”, and embarrassing himself and family, are ASSHOLES!
    THIS COULD HAVE HAPPENED TO ANYONE. The mixing of medications, can be deadly.
    I thank God, he was able to pull over, and not cause harm to himself or anyone else.


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