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    Leykin McKingas

    Mr. R. L. Hampton Sr., “Tru Dat,” your commentary is on point. I concur, with your sentiments of pulling for your likeness, people that you identify with and most often, share an interlocking bond. I remember well, my HS years of the 60s’ and our English teacher would often say to the class , “you have to be twice as good as those other people!” Throughout my athletic career, that concept stayed with me during my tenure as a player and as a coach. Presently, team sports, the echelon, is Afro-American coach, Afro-American qb, pitcher, point guard, and singular sport, your article define it. Outstanding commentary and keep on hitting the nail on the head!

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      Rickey L. Hampton Sr.

      Leykin, that is so well said! Thanks for sharing your voice!

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    Lynetta Thompson

    I also love this article. I feel the same way. It is important to take pride in our accomplishments as a Black person. Often times we are trained to think if we cheer for us, then we are against the other. I am glad your article breakdown there is a difference between self pride and racial hatred.

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      Rickey L. Hampton Sr.

      Thank you, Lynetta. I appreciate your support of the…Please sign up to receive stories via email, and tell your friends! Rickey


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