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    Allison Hester

    This didn’t surprise me at all. I always felt that Jerry Jones was an a—hole. In order for this to take ahold, Zak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliot are going to have to sacrifice. This pattern of blatant racism will never change without their sacrifice. Another timely article Mr Hampton!

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      Rickey L. Hampton Sr.

      I agree, Allison. That whole thing a couple of weeks ago when he took a knee was a con. We are really seeing where this country is on race. I am glad to see so many people pushing back. I hope the black players of the Cowboys will show some courage this weekend. I hope the black fans will step up, too. Thanks for your support of The African-American Athlete!

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    Mack Anthony

    Jerry Jones has always been like he is. It is this time in the world when we have a president that is racist that they feel comfortable coming out with whatever agenda they may have boldly. If those black athletes don’t stand against what he is trying to do, football will never be the same. I am sad to say that the commissioner has allowed a flag to interfere with the protest of something totally different. As the commissioner he should has spoken out and said the president will not dictate to the Nfl what is acceptable and what is not. I hope Jerry Jones lose all of his games, sponsors and team goes bankrupt. Nobody will want to become a cowboy now. Green Bay is Americas Team now.

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    Bernard Gunn

    Jerry’s attitude is typical of the attitude current in a 70 year old white American. He grew up in a segregated society and has seen no reason to change. He jumped at the opportunity to change the narrative from Police Brutality to honoring the Flag /National Anthem. I find it curious that the nor Potus chose to serve anything but the almighty dollar. I am sure he will follow through with his threat to bench anyone who disobeys his edit. To the NFL players the thought of losing their pay is probably unthinkable, yet i would ask them to remember the protest in the past often came with not just loss of a paycheck but possible loss of life. These young NFLers have some real choices to make, but if the past is any indication they are up to the task!

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    Players in the NFL today were all reared in the video game era even most of the players that hailed from poor backgrounds were raised by XBOX they know nothing of struggle or sacrifice.
    Most of these young men are not going to sacrifice finances for a cause even if that cause is for their benifit which this one happens to be.
    Unless these youngmen lived in a houshold with a parent to teach them about the state of the nation inwhich we reside and her history their most difficult decision from day to day was most likely which team to use in Madden.


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