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    Travis Peters

    I am a disabled combat military veteran. I gave my ALL for this country honorably during my time of service. I have numerous awards, medals, certificates, and achievements that reflect my dedication and excellence to the US Army. Unfortunately I am also a victim of assault by military police. Which many consider the highest standard of police in the world. As an innocent bystander and witness to an incident, I was dragged behind a dark building in Korea and was terrorized, beaten, defamed, and nearly choked to death (Eric Garner) by several Military police officers. It was in these few moments of hell that I realized, regardless of my accolades and accomplishments as a US Army soldier, I won’t be granted the ability to wrap myself in the freedom of the flag that I stood at attention to during it’s raising/lowering, honored, and saluted with pride every day for four years due to a systemic force of racists that act as judge, jury, and executioner of people of color disguised behind their badges and mask of white privilege. America has a problem and refuses to look in the mirror. Therefore, to those that take a knee during the national anthem,you ARE NOT DISRESPECTING ME AS A MILITARY VETERAN. I SALUTE YOU for exercising your right to protest and freedom that I fought for on foreign land!


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