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    Here is the problem. We cannot get on board with this” Make America Great Again” philosophy as it was back in the day. No offense bro but the HBCU’s have to evolve in the 21st century. Recruiting, Recruiting, Recruiting, is the name of the game and competing in the FCS playoffs and against other FCS schools is the only way to prove it. Kids have a choice now not like it was when you had to go to a HBCU. You can’t recruit good quality players without giving them a chance to compete in playoffs. Players have a dream of the NFL, CFL, Arena and playing these extra games against top competition is the way to do it. When Prairie View beat SFA a couple years ago it did wonders for PV, and HBCU’s. HBCU”s need to recruit better out of high school and stop waiting on D1 transfers, barely qualifying Juco’s. Sell the product bro. Because those white schools are telling players you can’t get to the league from HBCU’s, you don’t graduate etc. So take it to them and beat them on the field not running away.


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